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    Veronica offers Ayurvedic consultations in your home, at Borealis Studio in Medford, MA, or at Down Under Yoga in Brookline, MA.  Let Veronica help you to discover your individual constitution and guide you to navigate your diet and lifestyle with that knowledge. Phone and Skype initial consultations are possible as well.

    Ayurvedic Cooking

    Learn how to cook for your prakriti, how to use herbs and spices, and enjoy a wonderful meal tailored to your particular constitution.  Veronica offers in-home cooking classes and catering for 1 to 25 people with your specific needs in mind. Cooking classes start at $85 per hour, and catering is priced on a sliding scale. Fill out the inquiry form at the right to email for details.

    Ayurvedic Bodywork

    Ayurvedic bodywork is a very important tool in the bringing the body and mind back to health. Ayurvedic bodywork is not a massage, but uses a systematic oil application to the body.  Bodywork is available either in your home or at either Borealis or The Arlington Center. The bodywork that Veronica currently offers is below:

    Abhyanga - Useful for bringing all doshas into balance, this is an hour-long oil treatment with oils blended specifically for your prakriti.  This treatment softens and rejuvenates the skin allowing for a more youthful feel in body, mind, and spirit. (1.5 Hour - $125)

    Udvartana - In this treatment an herbalized paste of special flours and oil blended for your doshas are applied to the skin to help detoxify and remove excess dead skin and fat cells from the body.  This treatment is very beneficial to Kapha types and is a great way to get lymph moving in the body. (1.5 hours - $150)

    Localized Bastis - Fantastic for joint or lower back pain.  A pool of warm oil contained by a dough dam is allowed to sit on the affected body part for 30 minutes.  The oil is continuously replenished to maintain temperature.  (30 minutes - $50; more than one can be combined, please inquire for pricing) 

    Padabhyanga - More than a foot rub, this systematic oleation of the foot and lower leg is a simple way to reduce tension, bring the doshas into balance, and calm a whirring mind. (30 minutes - $50)

    Thai Yoga Massage

    Enjoy a supremely relaxing experience as Veronica uses assisted stretching techniques with gentle pressure and muscle manipulation to realign your body and spirit. (1-1.5 hours - $85-$100)

    **Veronica does not want cost to stand in the way of you finding health.  She is willing to accept a reasonable sliding scale for all services.