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    Snowy Roads and Ayurveda

    I did kind of a stupid thing yesterday. I drove from my friends' house in the hills of Western MA out to the Kripalu Institute. Under normal conditions, this trip would have only taken an hour. Unfortunately for me, it was the first real snowstorm that the area had experienced since the freak storm on Halloween, and the conditions were near whiteout, so it actually took me two hours. Did I mention that my tires were completely bald and that I had already had to be saved from slippery situations twice before I'd even set out? I got stuck on the road going to my friends' house, and they had to come push me out of the snow. Then my first attempt to get my car back up to the main road ended with a call to AAA and a LOT of chain. You can see how much in the picture. Those little headlights are mine. *sigh* It took about an hour for him to tow me to the top of that very icy hill.

    Back to the stupid thing . . . so I was driving down those hill-town roads with barely any idea of where I was going and completely trusting my Waze GPS program to get me there, chanting to Ganesh the whole time, promising that if I passed any place that sold tires I would get new ones (I did), and I realized that I have been taking huge risks like this my whole life, but that I just have never felt protective enough about myself and my life to care. All these things I have done in the last three years have given me a life that I think is worth not being killed in a snowstorm for. However, I apparently had not caught up with that fact, because I did the drive, although that was really because once I realized how freaking dangerous the roads were I was kind of past the point of no return. That made me realize that I was also past the point of no return in regards to Ayurveda and Yoga. There is no going back for me anymore. What I have seen cannot be unseen. What I know cannot be ignored. The drive was a little stupid, but those realizations are not. They are a good thing.

    They are a good thing, because I am at Kripalu to assist the new class of Ayurveda as they learn the things that will enable them to bring the gift of health and knowledge to their own lives and to the people they come into contact with. It is amazing to see them light up about doshas and dhatus and sneha! It is also a good thing because I am flinging myself into Ayurveda. I am going to go study at the Jiva institute in Faridabad, India at the end of February.  I will be staying on for two whole months to apply my knowledge and to work in the clinics and the free school. I think that India is going to break open my heart and my mind. I have no doubt that it will change my life. I just don't know how.

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